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Welcome, gamers, to the NEW home NES TIMES, one of the few surviving webpages soley devoted to the most successful videogame system of all time, the Nintendo Entertainment System. Want reviews, info on companies, TV shows, commercials, etc? You'll (eventually) find it here.

Yeah, I know I haven't worked on this site in almost six months. I've just been having a lot go on in my life recently that I haven't been able to devote the energy into my creation and just let it sat there. But since this year marks the 25th anniversary of the NES, I feell the need to maybe get this site back up and running. So in the next few weeks you'll finally start seeing NES Times come back to life. New reviews, new articles, and a little housekeeping to boot. So stay tuned, NES Times is going to rise again.

Special thanks to Joey Anderson of for giving me this space.


8/15/2010 Tetris review
It has been a while hasn't it? Anyway for today's update we have a review of Tetris, the classic puzzler so legendary that two versons were made for the NES. There's the unlicensed verson Tengen made that was pulled from the market and the legit Nintendo version tjhat most everyone remembers. But does it's simple gampley still hold up after many other puzzlers have come and gone? Click here for a review to see for yourself.

5/02/2010 Vice: Project Doom review
They says imitation is the sincerest fomr of flattery, and if that's the case then one game paying massive complements is Vice: Project Doom, a game that plays a lot like the long-lost cousin of Ninja Gaiden. Those few who've tried this title may have noticed many similarities between the two but can it actually stand on its own merits? Click here for a review and you just may be surprised.

3/07/2010 Adventure Island II review
After the arcade title Wonderboy was brought to the NES as Adventure Island, the folks at Hudson decided to craft a sequel that kept the island-hopping gameplay intact but sported some new features, instead of making it an action/RPG like Sega did. Click here for a review of Adventue Island II and see how this game compares to other platformers on the gray box.

2/07/2010 Life Force review
After Konami scored a hit with Gradius they eventually follows it up with a sequel. However the sequel made it across the Pacific but we got something just as good: Life Force, a spin-off which does more than just fill the gap left by the absence of Gradius II. Click here for a review to see how this Gradius 1.5 measures up.

1/16/2010 Alien 3 review
Yes, this is my first review in six months. For many years the Alien series of films have terrorized horror fans, yet Alien 3 doesn't get the same love as its two predecessors do. That didn't stop LJN from making video games based on it for just about all the consoles out there. You can check out a review of the NES version here to see fi this game is as scarry as a face-hugger.

7/19/2009 Yoshi review
Ever since making his debut in Super Mario World, Mario's dinosaur friend Yoshi became a star in his own right with his own series of titles. Yoshi's first starring role was in a early-90's puzzle game appropriately named Yoshi. But as this review shows, sometimes long careers can get off to stumbling starts.

6/08/2009 Super Spy Hunter review
Many NES gamers remember an arcade title called Spy Hunter but are trying to forget the shoddy NES port. What most NESers don't remember is that Sunsoft gave it another shot with Super Spy Hunter, a little-known pseudo sequel released late in the console's lifecycle that promised to get it right. Check out this review to see if this spy shooter surpasses the original and by how much.

7/16/08 - We finally got a new NES title on the Virtual Console this week. Too bad it's Donkey Kong 3, the least liked of the original DK trilogy.

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