TV Commercial: Acclaim Wireless Remote
Acclaim Wireless Remotes

In this commercial, we find a gameplayer trying out his new Acclaim wireless gamepads with several Acclaim titles: Wrestlemania, Airwolf, and Ironsword. As he plays several things pop out of the television at him, plus this kid jumps off the couch and does some amazing backflips.

"Get the power to move with the Acclaim Wireless Remote for your Nintendo Entertainment System! The Acclaim Remote gets you mobile in a Wrestlemania grudge match! Playing Airwolf, the Acclaim Remote's rapid fire mode means higher scores per mission. In the battle for Ironsword, seconds count... so you need a controller with the look and feel you already know. Accurate up to thirty feet. The official wireless remote controller - licensed by Nintendo, created by Acclaim. Get the Acclaim remote: the power to move."

What happens if you use these wireless pads?
let's see:
Big muscular arms might reach out to grab you, A hurricane may blow in,
A big green paw might come out as well, Plus you can do a wicked backflip to dodge it. "He're some lasers for ya."
It gives you THE POWER TO MOVE

How many controllers do you know lets you fight off things that attack you form the TV screen with amazing agility?

This clip was recoreded by myself, and is hosted by The Warp Zone.
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