Nintendo TV: Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

  • Produced by DiC Entertainment
  • Type: Aniamted
  • Channel: NBC
  • Length: 30min (2 15-min episodes)
  • Premiere: September 8, 1990
  • Program run: 1990-1991 (13/26 episodes)
  • Episode Guide: Yes

    "It is a legend no one will ever forget."

    In the Fall of 1990 after the successful run of The Super Mario Bros Super Show, a second Mario-based cartoon hit the airways, this time on Saturday mornings on NBC, called The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, which featured Mario and the gang in all-new adventures based on the recetnly released NES cartridge Super Mario Bros. 3. In its original run the show as paired up with Captain N: The Game Master to form an hour-long program, with two 15-minute episodes of Mario 3 wrapped around a first-run episode of Captain N.

    Mario, Luigi, the Princess, and Toad out on new adventures.The dastardly King Koopa was back in action as well.

    This series supposedly picks up where the first one left off. In this go-around Mario and Luigi have finally brought an end to King Koopa's reign of terror and restored peace to the Mushroom Kingdom. Or so they thought. Soon King Koopa returned for a second go at conquering the kingdom, and with him was the Koopa Kids, his seven offsrping who were as mischevious and wicked as their evil dad. The program centers around Mario and Luigi's efforts to maintain the peace in the various areas of the Mushroom Kingdom as well as keep King Koopa and his family in check. Princess Toadstool and Toad were on hand to help out as well.

    The Koopa Kids are always ready to do wrong.Mario and Luigi with flying racoon power, one of their new abilites.

    Unlike the first series, this one was much more faithful to the original game, with the different areas and characters from the game prominetly featured as well as most of the power-ups which Mario and Luigi utilized in the cartridge. In fact before each episode, a map screen from the game is shown with the episode's title superimposed on it. There were also a few differences, most notably the names of the Koopa Kids in the show don't match the names in the game. The names of the Koopa Kids in the cartoon are: Hip(Iggy), Hop(Lemmy), Big Mouth(Morton), Bully(Roy), Kootie Pie(Wendy), Cheatsy(Larry), and Kookie(Ludwig). This may have been due to licensing problems. In addition, several episodes left the Mushroom Kingdom and took place on Earth, or as they refer to it, the "Real World", which featured "actual" human beings.

    Koopa and his Koopalings creating another sinister scheme.The Marios and friends against some of Koopa's minions.

    After the show completed its initial run on NBC, Super Mario Bros. 3 was permanently separated from Captain N for all future airings. Many episodes were shown on the syndicated Captain N and the Videogame Masters in 1992-1993, then later seen on the Family Channel and the USA Network. Its most recent airing was in 1999, when the show was shown on PAX-TV as part of their PAX KIDS block on Sunday Mornings.

    As far as video releases go, some episodes were released on VHS, and in 2003 a few episodes were released on a stand-alone DVD. Finally in June 2007, Shout Factory brought the entire series onto DVD when they release a 3-disc box set containing all the episodes.

    Mario always gets froggy underwater in the Frog Suit.
    Mario: Walker Boone
    Luigi: Tony Rosato
    Princess Toadstool: Tracey Moore
    Toad: John Stocker
    King Koopa: Harvey Atkin
    Cheatsy Koopa: James Rankin
    Kooky von Koopa: Michael Stark
    Kootie Pie Koopa: Paulina Gillis
    Flurry/Beezo: John Stocker
    Big Mouth Koopa: Gordan Masten
    Bully Koopa: Dan Hennessey
    Hip Koopa: Tara Charendoff
    Hop Koopa: Tara Charendoff
    Boomerang/Fire Bros.: John Stocker
    Thwomp/Paragoombas: John Stocker
    Sledge Bros.: Dan Hennessey
    Ptooey: Louise Vallance
    Opening Narrator: Ernie Anderson