TV Commercial: Back to the Future 2 & 3
Back to the Future Part 2 & 3

This 15-second spot for LJN's "double mission" game, Back To the Future 2 & 3, blends movie footage with that of a gameplayer riding in the DeLorean time machine, flying into gameplay screens. The weird thing is he isn't controlling the car with the steering wheel, he's using his NES and the Acclaim wiresless pads.

"You've been back to the future at the movies. Now go there on your NES in Bact the the Future 2 and 3, a double mission to save the future. LJN's Back to the Future 2 & 3. Get it while there's still time."

"We're off to save the future." "Cool, I'm steering this thing with my controller." Watch out for the crummy screenshots.
Thanks a lot, now my table's on fire.

Not much to talk about here, but then again the game wasn't much to play either.

This clip was recoreded by myself, and is hosted by The Warp Zone.
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