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One of the great things about the NES is the television commercials. As you know, a variety of television commercials featuring Nintendo games and products filled the airwaves. Some were great, some were bad, and some were just plain weird. Here you'll find many commercials spotlighted here, as well as the links to where you can download them for your own viewing pleasure. These are all videos I recorded myself. I wish I could host the videos directly on my site, but they would be too big and consume a lot of bandwidth. If you've seen the commercial articles on tsr's NES Archive, you'll know what to expect here. This is just manily picking up where tsr left off, only you don't have to settle with just audio files.

NOTE: To be fair to other webmasters out there, this section will only focus on videos I recorded myself. I used to link to other videos that others recorded, but I put a stop to it.

All videos are now hosted by The Warp Zone (special thanks to Dave Allewin for the space). They are stored on FilePlanet so you will need a personal GameSpy ID to download the clips. Also FilePlanet often acts weird. If you click a link and you get an error, try the link again. Sometimes it takes a few tries before getting to the download link, but it's there. Drop me a line if you find an NES commercial on any of your old videos.

1st Nintendo Ad Acclaim Wireless Remotes Adventures of Bayou Billy Back to the Future 2 & 3
Caveman Games Crystalis Double Dragon III Double Player Wireless
Dr. Mario Gauntlet II Ironsword Jackie Chan Kung Fu
Mendel Palace NES Deluxe Set Nintendo Ad Paperboy
Power Glove RBI Baseball Star Wars SuperSonic
Swords and Serpents Tetris Ultima: Exodus Ultra Games
WWF Wrestlemania More to come...