TV Commercial: RBI Baseball
RBI Baseball

Televison ads for unlicensed games are rare, but Tengen managed to put this one on the air. This ad for RBI Baseball is loaded with special effects, which makes you wonder how they were able to afford it. Here we find a kid and put his RBI cartridge into his NES. We notice the cart has electrical bolts coming out of it. Once he turns it on, he finds himself inside the game, complete with some of the squatted players representing real MLB players. Evetually he catches a home run, comes out of the game, and lands on his bed.

NARRATOR: "When you really want to get into the game, get Tengen RBI Baseball."
FAST ANNOUCER'S VOICE: "The only videogame licensed by the Major League Baseball Player's Association for your Nintendo!"
NARRATOR: "It's you and the pros. Throw Roger Clemen's Heater. Flash Vince Coleman the steal sign."
ANNOUNCER: "It's going, going...GONE!"
NARRATOR: "RBI Baseball. The one the pros pitch."

Careful. That may be an electrical hazzard. "Here I go, into the game to play with the pros." "Watch me catch this streaming pitch."
"Out of the way, squatted dude." "Wow, that pitch knocked me out of the park." Don't forget, it gets you into the game.

Interesting this about this ad is that it doesn't show any gameplay footage, just the kid on the field. The ad does have fine print saying,"Actual gameplay differs," so it at least tries to be honest.

This clip was recoreded by myself, and is hosted by The Warp Zone.
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