TV Commercial: 1st Nintendo Commercial
1st Nintendo Commercial

What we have here may be the first television commercial about the NES. This ad predates the NES's launch in 1985 and talks about the "upcoming" system. We're then treated to shots of ROB bursting from a TV set, then two players ejoying the Zapper light gun with Duck Hunt and Hogan's Alley. However, Super Mario Brothers is nowhere to be found. They don't even have the "Now You're Playing With Power!" tagline. While I can't 100% confirm this is THE first ad, it may be one of the earliest, based on what the announcers says below:

"Will you be the one to witness the birth of the incredible Nintendo Entertaiment System? The one to play with ROB, the extraordinary video robot. Batteries no included. He helps you tackle even the toughest challenge. Will you be the first to raise the incredibly accurate Zapper and play games like Duck Hunt, or action-packed Hogan's Alley and high-flying Kung Fu? Each sold separately. Will you be the one to experience the Nintendo Entertainment System? Comes with ROB, Zapper, control deck, two controllers, Gyromite, and Duck Hunt."

The coming of ROB heralds a new age. Get used to this scene, parents. The original Zapper.
"Say, this Nintendo thing just might take off" Back then, game systems actually came with stuff.

This ad is not the best quality, but it is still quite viewabale.

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