TV Commercial: Mendel Palace
Mendel Palace

In this poorly-animated ad for Hudson Soft's Mendel Palace, we watch as the game's damsel in distress runs through a castle as she flees her oddly-drawn persuers. As we're treated to a mix of horrible animation and game play footage, we get the lowdown from a spooky voice:

"Mendel Palace! Candy is trapped in a dream world by her own dolls. A video game fanasty with 20 areas, 200 levels, even a 2-player mode. Will you reach Candy before... something else does? Mendel Palace. By Hudson Soft. For Nintendo."

This isn't the Holiday Inn, folks. Why are people always running toward spooky castles? She was better off in the dark.
So Candy's being rescued by a pair of shadows? "Save me from this horribly drawn monster!"

It may not be the best commercial, but it gets the point across. After seeing this ad do you want to brave the palace, even though you may run into the same ugly monsters? Sure you do.

This clip was recoreded by myself, and is hosted by The Warp Zone.
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