TV Commercial: Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu
Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu

Now here's a rather interesting spot for Jackie Chan's Action Knug Fu. So how do you promote a kung-fu game? By having a pair of shadows demonstrating some kung fu moves with loud sound effects in between gameplay shots, of course.

"It's awesome action! Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu! A video game that'll blow you away! Fight your way through five fantastic levels! Using killer flips and kick-spins! The action's so hot it'll make your fingers burn! Look for it today: Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu! By Hudson Soft."

Two shadows going at it.. must be a kung fu game. "No one can withstand my shadow kick." Back away from the TV or you'll get nailed by the punching scene.
The blurry shadow jump flips Do we need so many TVs?

Seriously, it lokks like the guy in the punching scene can really hurt you if you sit too close to the TV.

This clip was recoreded by myself, and is hosted by The Warp Zone.
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