TV Commercial: Power Glove
Power Glove

In this ad for Mattel's Power Glove, a teenager walks into a large, nearly empty room, weraing the Power Glove. He stops in front of a large television screen and prepares to test out to Glove on a NES that just happens to be right there. As he's plugging it in, a voice proudly proclaims, "The Power Glove, for your NES. Now you and the games are one."

We then observe him using the glove to play 1943, a game that most likely became Super Glove Ball, and Punch-Out. Satisfied, he leaves the scene and the annoucer says,"The Power Glove. Everything else is child's play."

That's not the Michael Jackson glove; that's the Power Glove he's wearing. Yet another giant screen TV. How do these things keep popping up? Look at all the neat buttons.
"Watch. I can fly that plane with one hand." Bald Bull is no match for the Power Glove. "Is this awesome, or what?"
Like the ad says, this ain't child's play.

This clip was recoreded by myself, and is hosted by The Warp Zone.
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