TV Commercial: NES "Blastoff"
NES "Blastoff"

Here's another early Nintendo commercial than many of you probably remember. I know it was one of the first NES ads I ever saw. Anyway here we find two kids are enjoying an evening of Nintendo action at home, complete with the Zapper and ROB. During this spot we get short clips of Nintendo's early line. Suddenly the house shakes and blasts off into the night sky.

A quiet evening at home...for now. Two kids and their R.O.B. Another look at the original Zapper.
The dog knows something's up. Our house is blasting off! Let's see the Master System do this.

What's interesting is that I've been playing the NES for about 20 years, and my house never blasted off into space. Then again I wasn't playing R.O.B. either, so maybe that's why?

This clip was recoreded by myself, and is hosted by The Warp Zone.
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