TV Commercial: Ironsword TV Commercial: Gauntlet II
Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II

In this spot, we first find a glasses-wearing kid enjoying a rousing game of the first Wizards & Warriors, when who should burst into his room but the warrior Kuros himself. Kuros is engaged in a battle with some kind for fire creature, but he does take time out to tell the young lad about Ironsword. Kuros departs to continue the battle, and when the kid looks out his room, all he finds is his dog, with smoke coming from underneath it.

This kid's house becomes a battlefield. "Hey! You're not Fabio!" "No, but I'm still going to plug my game."
Kuros remembers what he was doing and departs. "Live the legend of Ironsword." "Has the dog been smoking again?"

I've always wondered: Why is Kuros portraied as a barbarian in the ads and box art, yet in the game he's a knight? Can someone answer that?

This clip was recoreded by myself, and is hosted by The Warp Zone.
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