TV Commercial: Ultima: Exodus
Ultima: Exodus

This ad for Ultima Edoxus tells us what happens if we play the game. We take a short trip through an art museum, looking at some fabulous paintings done by an artist. However we then see the stuff the artist puts out after he starts playing Ultima: Exodus and well, you can see for yourself.

"Behold the works of Gabriel Von Sanchez. His art was ambitious in scope. His masterpiece was of course the Dance of the Edacious. Brilliant. Sanchez then began playing Ultima: Exodus, the role-paying game from FCI. It was a strange turn. Sanchez loved the game and he spent less and less time in the studio. He was never the same. Consider Man With Dog."
"Ultima Exodus for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Once you start playing, nothing else matters."

This IS a Nintendo commercial, honest. Here's the artist before Ultima. Here he is, after.
Playing the game has blown his mind. This is the game that killed the creativity.

Not a very effective ad in my opinion. How does showing a declining artist who can't keep up his inspiration make us want to play Ultima?

This clip was recoreded by myself, and is hosted by The Warp Zone.
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