TV Commercial: Ultra Games
Ultra Games

Now here's an eye-opening ad from the wizards at Konami. In this spot we're greeted by a sinister-looking man claiming to be the "creator of Ultra Games," while plugging Metal Gear, Stake or Die and Defender of the Crown. Once he finishes he departs, but not before warning us he's never farther than your TV.

"I'm the creator of Ultra Games for Nintendo... like Metal Gear, where you're a commando searching for deadly weapons. Defender.. of the Crown - with strategic castle sieges, raids and destroyers. And Skate ... or Die, in five rad events that pit you against friend or Bionic Lester. So check out Ultra Games, and remember - I'm never farther than your TV!"

The creator of Ultra Games. "I'm the real Defender of the Crown." "Watch out, skaters. There's a big head in the road."
"When you play these games, I'm never far behind." He's gone, for now.

The moral of this story? The next time you pop in that copy of Metal Gear, beware. You just may get a visit from "The Creator". (cue evil laugh)

This clip was recoreded by myself, and is hosted by The Warp Zone.
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