TV Commercial: Double Player Wireless Remotes
Double Player Wireless Remotes

This 15-second spot is for Acclaim's Double Player wireless controllers. Basically two kids play around with the wireless controllers, shooting lasers at the game screens of Airwolf and Double Dragon II. They wrap up by shooting two figures with the lasers.

"For this mission, you need the Acclaim Double Player dual wireless controllers for your Nintendo Entertainment System. With slow motion, twin turbo rapid fire. Head to head, or team play. Get Acclaim's Double Player system. The power to move, times two."

Forget that chopper in the background. THESE are your weapons. These things can shoot the bad guys with lasers. "You handle that screen. I'll handle this one."
"AAAGH! We've been hit by controller lasers."

What is it about Acclaim, wireless pads, and lasers? This is almost like their commercial for their single Wireless controller.

This clip was recoreded by myself, and is hosted by The Warp Zone.
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