TV Commercial: Caveman Games
Caveman Games

Data East's Caveman Games is basically the Prehistoric Olympics, so naturally the TV ad for this cart is done like a sportscast. We find a caveman wearing a leopard skin toga doing a sports report on the Caveman Games. He gives us the play by play as we see shots of gameplay footage. As he's doing this, a cavewoman flies by, some rocks fall down from the ceiling, and a dinosaur eats the gamepak.

"Hello and welcome to the Caveman Games. Let's go down to the Mate Toss. Gronk's spinning his mate..throw her! Oooh, nice bounce, Crudla. [rocks start falling down] Sound's like it's time for Clubbing. There's the finger bait. Yes! Sucker! Now for the Dino Vault. Eat him! Eat him! No postgame interview there."
"Caveman Games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. You get beaten, YOU GET EATEN!"

How's this for ESPN Classic? Watch out for the flying woman. "Shouldn't I be wearing a helmet in here?"
Fred Flintstone has nothing on this guy. "I told you, I got NEXT!"

It could be worse; at least it wasn't John Madden doing this ad (thank goodness).

This clip was recoreded by myself, and is hosted by The Warp Zone.
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