TV Commercial: SuperSonic controller

You might have heard of this an ad Camerica put out for their triangluar-shaped wiresless controller, SuperSonic. Let me tell you, if there was any commercial that fit the 80s to a 'T', this is one. As we watch a young gamer use the controller to get high scores, we got a horrible rap tune telling us about the controller, as well as cheesy special effects, and the kid's parents, who look hardly alive, chime in reminding us the controller has "No wires!" Honestly, these lyrics and screengrabs can't do this ad justice.

"SuperSonic is the #1 bet. It's got no wires, it's the one to get. Arcade action is where you'll be, SuperSonic will set you free."
"It works with Nintendo, it will do. Games for players one and two. Higher scores is what you'll see, SuperSonic will set you free!"

Watch this boy game on with NO WIRES! He can teleport around the living room, 'cause he has NO WIRES! "Cool, I can fly through space, thanks to NO WIRES!"
I'm pretty sure these parents are alive. Higher scores in space. One last time: NO WIRES!

Camerica also put out an ad for their other controller, the Freedom Stick. Despite some changes to lyrics, it's basically the same thing.

This clip was recoreded by myself, and is hosted by The Warp Zone.
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