NES Game Archive

Welcome to the Game Reviews Archive, which is(that's right) my version of a NES reviews page. Here you find some in-depth reviews of NES carts along with my opinions and those of other web surfers. Be assured that all games are not reviewed via emulation; all games are played on a real NES system with any real periphreals they require. Each game is rated in five categories on a scale of 1 (terrible) to 10(awesome) like this:

The categories are:

Graphics (GFX): The game's visuals; are they art, or can you do better with crayons.
Sound (SND): The game's audio, music and sound effects: turn it up or tune it out.
Control (CTR): The game's controls: how well what you do on the gamepad happens on the screen.
Challenge (CHL): This is a combination of factors: how hard the game is, the computer AI, the progression of challenge, and so on. A low score means the game will either take 10 minutes or 10 years to complete.
Playability (PLY): Everything else (options, replayability, fun factor).

The ratings are then compiled into a overall rating, letting you know if the game is worth your money. My reviews are based on what counts; unlike other critics of video games, I don't deduct points just because it doesn't show a high score when the game's over. Note that I will not list multi-game paks that don't already appear in a single pack(i.e. Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt)

Games Index

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Game Title Publisher Genre Score
10 Yard Fight Nintendo Sports 4/10
Adventure Island II Hudson Soft Action 8/10
Alien 3 LJN Action 7/10
Arch Rivals Acclaim Arcade 7/10
Back to the Future LJN Action 2/10
Bases Loaded 3 Jaleco Sports 7/10
Batman Sunsoft Action 8/10
Bionic Commando Capcom Action 9/10
Blades of Steel Konami Sports 9/10
Burai Fighter Taxan Action 7/10
Castlevania Konami Action 8/10
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Konami Adventure 8/10
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse Konami Adventure 9/10
Contra Konami Arcade 8/10
Darkwing Duck Capcom Action 8/10
Dizzy the Adventurer Camerica Adventure 8/10
Double Dragon Tradewest Arcade 7/10
Double Dribble Konami Sports 8/10
Dr. Mario
Nintendo Puzzle 9/10
Dragon Warrior
Nintendo RPG 8/10
Dragon Warrior II
Enix RPG 7/10
Dragon Warrior III
Enix RPG 9/10
Friday the 13th LJN Adventure 7/10
Galaga Bandai Arcade 9/10
Ghosts 'N' Goblins Capcom Arcade 7/10
Gun.Smoke Capcom Arcade 8/10
Ice Climber Nintendo Action 6/10
Kirby's Adventure Nintendo Adventure 10/10
Klax Tengen Arcade 9/10
The Legend of Zelda Nintendo Adventure 10/10
Life Force Konami Action 9/10
Little Nemo: The Dream Master Capcom Action 8/10
Mega Man II Capcom Action 9/10
Mega Man III Capcom Action 9/10
Metroid Nintendo Adventure 8/10
Mighty Final Fight Capcom Action 8/10
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Nintendo Sports 9/10
NES Open Tournament Golf Nintendo Sports 9/10
Ninja Gaiden Tecmo Action 8/10
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos Tecmo Action 9/10
Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom Tecmo Action 7/10
Pipe Dream Bullet-Proof Puzzle 8/10
Qix Taito Arcade 8/10
Q*bert Ultra Arcade 8/10
River City Ransom Am. Technos Action 9/10
Slalom Nintendo Sports 8/10
Solstice CSG Imagesoft Adventure 8/10
StarTropics Nintendo Adventure 8/10
Super Mario Bros. Nintendo Action 8/10
Super Mario Bros. 2 Nintendo Adventure 9/10
Super Spy Hunter Sunsoft Arcade 9/10
Tecmo Super Bowl Tecmo Sports 9/10
Tetris (Nintendo) Nintendo Puzzle 9/10
Track & Field Konami Sports 8/10
Vice: Project Doom Am. Sammy Action 9/10
Wario's Woods Nintendo Action 9/10
Wayne Gretzky Hockey T*HQ Sports 2/10
Winter Games Acclaim Sports 4/10
Yoshi Nintendo Puzzle 6/10
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Nintendo Adventure 8/10